Product Catalogues

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Spare Parts Various Scales (metal castings)

These casting are only available on our website and at the Exhibitions we attend (castings are in our 'diddy tray') They cannot be ordered by phone or by post as we can only supply when items are 'in stock' which can be controled more easily on the website and in our exhibition trays.
These are availble in limited amounts as they are the spares from our packed sets.

Gift Vouchers

Note All vouchers sent on their own will have the postage charge reduced to 60p (1st class Mail) This will be done after your order but before dispatch of your voucher.

Fantasy Figures and Gaming Pieces

New range of figurines of 'Old Hammer' tradional style metal 'Games Workshop style' for gaming fantasy models and dungeons and dragons.

Contract Casting & Mould Making Services

Synopsis of the Casting service we provide for companies individuals needing centrifuge moulds made (rubber and siliconised rubber) Also those requireing castings to be run from 6-11" centifuge moulds for various grades of white metal and pewter.