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Introduction To Langley Model Kits

Langley produce over 1000 kits in 00 ( 4mm=1 foot), HO ( 3.5mm = 1 foot), Nscale (2mm = 1 foot) 0 scale (7mm = 1 foot) and 009 & 0/16.5 (00 and 0 scale narrow gauge).

Illustrated catalogues are available for each scale, see catalogue listing for prices.

The kits are cast in high quality metal alloys are intended for use by adults, they are not suitable for young children. Etched brass parts are also sometimes included for extra fine detail, and vacuum formed PVC for stone and brick work etc.


Each kit is supplied with full constructional details and an exploded diagram where applicable. Should any part(s) be damaged or missing please contact us direct stating which parts are concerned and giving the part number.

Simple tools are all that is required to assemble our kits. Useful tools would be a selection of Swiss files, a good sharp craft knife, a burnishing brush, wet and dry paper, glue or soldering iron plus a good selection of artists brushes. Although expensive a Badger Air Brush and an Expo modellers drill together with a selection of dentist's burrs ( ask him for his old ones! ) would prove invaluable.

Children's Plasticine can provide a useful "extra pair of hands", work it until soft, shape into an oblong and press parts into place, apply glue or solder and when dry remove from Plasticine.

Glue and Solder

a). Five minute Epoxy glue is ideal for most modellers as it allows time to adjust the parts during assembly. Available from most good model or hardware shops, you can also purchase from us.

b). Cyanoarcylic glue i.e. "Instant" glue can also be used, but the parts must be located exactly first time, as it sets instantly.

c). Solder is best used by the experienced modeller. The type we recommend for cast metal kits is low melt solder (e.g. Langley Super       Low Melt Solder) using appropriate flux (e.g Langley Low Melt Solder Flux). Method is to build the solder above the joints like a       weld seam, fusing each half together. The excess solder is then removed with a burr, file or knife and the item re-profiled. This method ensures a good, undetecable joint, but great care must be taken as the melting point of the solder is almost the same as the casting.

d). Muliticore 60/40 solder for brass etched kits. DO NOT use Multicore on casting.

Note: do Not use Instant (Cyanoacrylic) or petroleum based glue on the clear glazing as is can cloud the plastic. Resin W (woodworking glue), allowed to go sticky is best for screens as it dries clear. Any gap can be filled with watered down PVA glue (Resin W)


Any quality paint can be used e.g Humbrol, Gloy, Cherry etc. We do recommend that you use an undercoat e.g Holts Plus Body car undercoat, thinned if necessary, or a similar primer.

Tinlets of Humbrol paint in both gloss and matt are usually available from Langley.


Langley produce a range of waterslide transfers suitable for use with cabs, trailers, tankers and trucks, including B.R.S. with turquoise or dark cream roundels, Sunters/ Wynns/Ale, Pickfords etc. Both in this scale and in the larger 1/50th scale. We would be happy to supply illustrations of those available.