Contract Casting & Mould Making Services

Contract Casting

We have a casting service for white metal and pewter castings for 9-12 inch moulds. We currently have 8 grades of metal to best match the metal to the properties you are after. It is impossible to get an accurate quote until the castings weight (in the correct grade of metal) is measured, however we have outlined a guide to typical mould shot prices below to give an indication of expected costs.

The cost of each spin is subject to the grade of metal required and the castings total weight. We endeavour to complete contract work as quickly as possible, normally in 1-2 weeks.
Typical spin costs are low grade, large castings £4.70 +vat high grade low weight items £3.50+vat. Some moulds are as low as £3.20 and as high as £9.70 in pewter. It depends on the weight of metal and the grade of metal needed. Sorry it isn't possible to give a quote until the weight of the casting in the grade of metal used is available. We can give estimates where we can from previous mould and their prices

Mould Making Services (for centrifuge casting)

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We can make vulcanised rubber (£80.85)( or Low temp Silicon moulds (£85.85) & high temp Silicon (£95.85) moulds for use in centrifuge casting machines, we can also undertake casting for you.

Rubber moulds are the traditional mould material, it is a good general purpose mould giving good pattern reproduction. Shrinkage averages at 1-2 % (can alter over differing pattern sizes). Cook Temp 125 celcius and 15 tons. Patterns need to be white metal, brass, aluminium steel or similar materials.

Silicon moulds are more dense giving an exceptional pattern reproduction, its low temperature cook 90'c make this suitable for some plastic patterns and 'green' and other epoxy modeling materials as patterns, this includes 3D printed items These are more dense than rubber and have a lower shrink rate normally under 1%. These moulds have an exception life giving typically twice the number of spins of the rubber moulds.

High Temp silicon is the same as the low temp silicon except it is formulated to provide resistance to higher metal temperaters making it suitable for casting with zincs and masac metals and large castings in white metal.

All our moulds are made with specially designed round poppets which hold the mould together (for quicker/easier mould handling reducing casting labour) we also use location domes and studs to help locate the mould sides accuratley to reduce casting steps keeping the quality of the castings as high as we can acheive.

We can make moulds from standard 1" thickness at 9" diameter upto 3" for the thicker/deeper castings. Our 11" and 12" moulds are made to standard 1" thick.

Standard moulds 9" rubber are £80.85+vat typical life 150 spins (for moulds run inhouse which includes discounted mould cutting in). For moulds to run yourself or at other companies add £5 to cover extra cutting in of moulds.
Standard moulds 9" low temp silicon are £85.85+vat typical life 250+ spins
Standard moulds 9" high temp silicon are £95.85+vat typical life 300+ spins (at higher temp range)
Standard moulds 11" rubber are £95.85+ vat. (silicon plus £12, high temp silicon plus £18)
Standard moulds 12" (silicon £105.85).

Complex moulds (multi layer, cored and twin cook) & mould only prices (for you to cast) prices on request.
Rubber and silicon moulds have a life which will alter by the castings shape (ie sharp awkward shapes will cut/shred moulds early). Shelf life (time) is measured in years, the oils in rubber moulds dry out and degrade, this will continue with each spin and over time (shelf life is 10's of years) We have moulds that are over 30 years old and have completed 1000's of spins and are still running. (simple flat patterns)

We can cast in your own moulds or we can produce moulds for you.